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3/17/2023 - CWRP Update


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  • Added map blacklisting to the mapchange menu for SGM+
  • Added animation previews to cosmetic adjuster
  • Added KW models
  • Updated LVS base addon
    • General fixes and adjustments from the creator
    • HSD vehicle from the creator
  • Updated LVS to support secondary special keybind
  • Updated Nu-Class to move door open binds to the new secondary action binding
  • Fixed LVS using WorldTips that are not available in my Gamemode
  • Fixed Y-Wing not shooting missiles
  • Fixed AI-Enabler toolgun on LVS
  • Fixed repair tool not calling Maintenance calls for LVS. Fixes ATTE not getting up when its damaged
  • Fixed maintenance station station colliding with other items
  • Fixed Naval permissions
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