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10/31/2018 - Update


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  • Fixed an issue where some players could not be banned



  • Added Free Runners to the no kombat list
  • Material Tool:
    • Added roughly 100 new materials
    • Added quick search
  • Hats:
    • Added an indicator if you own a hat or if it's equipped (green = equipped, blue = owned)
    • Added categories
    • Heavily reduced prices (NOTE: If you bought a hat with credits in the past 90 days you will be refunded the difference later today)
  • Updated some credit shop prices:
    • Printer Event
    • Burgatron
    • Deagle
    • P228
    • USP
    • FiveSeven
    • Stunstick
    • Crowbar
    • Fists
    • Pimphand
    • Camera
    • Perma Ammo
  • Made lamps/lights auto delete in spawn
  • Made SOD spawn with a medkit
  • Fixed issue with kombat where you'd spawn with all your weapons
  • Fixed police spawning in the PD when they died close to their spawn
  • Fixed media players (We are now the only server with working media players)
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Nice Update!

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2 minutes ago, Billy The Fridge said:

Thanks a lot for making me have to grind maybe a year or two more in order to get my desired hat, and all the other stuff as well, good stuff pingu

yeah i just saw the prices looks like i have to grind with you

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