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12/16/2018 - Update


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  • Fixed searching some characters in logs failing and causing lua errors


  • Added weapon switch logs
  • Pimp Hand:
    • Press R to view your watch so you know you're a true pimp
    • Made watch show when it's deployed
    • Fixed missing model
  • Various FPS optimizations
  • Lowered toll pad limit to 2
  • Adjusted the wording of the default binds
  • C4 now effects door locking cooldown
  • Arresting banned players no longer gives you karma
  • /job with no arguments now resets your custom job name
  • Fixed death screen showing when you first spawn in on zombies
  • Fixed removing a saved prop just double adding it to your saved props list
  • Fixed weapon switcher lua errors when you drop a weapon or have them stripped
  • Fixed price confirmations bricking entities when the price is changed
  • Fixed an issue where banned players could potentially pickup weapons
  • Fixed zipties breaking when the person you're trying to ziptie disconnects
  • Winner 2
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While I really appreciate the update (especially the weapon logs!), is there any priority towards fixing the hitboxes on biometric scanners so they're not a complete pain in the ass to crack, and impossible to use /go on? I can't find anything about it on the Trello.

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Good Update!

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