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7/29/2021 - Update


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  • Improved load in menu
  • Removed TS credit reward
  • Fixed rewards popup not allowing you to claim rewards


  • Added spray paint:
    • Cost $1k
    • Protestor spawns with it
    • Limit of 2 paintings
    • Press R to start a painting
      • Left click when the box is green to place your painting
    • 8 colors:
      • Right click to change colors
    • Standard server rules apply
  • Overhauled scoreboard:
    • Added filters
      • All
      • Staff
      • Org
      • You
    • Rank icon is now shows your chat tag if equipped
    • Rounded all the things but made sure not to round the profile picture for inconsistency sake per Windows 11 styling guidelines
  • Non premium orgs with inactive owners are now renamed to a generic name
  • Money printer ink upgrades no longer give ink and now only cost $750
  • Fixed C18 evidence room metal detector blocking door
  • Fixed deployable crackers not checking if hackers are hired
  • Funny 1
  • Winner 8
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