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8/27/2021 - Update


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  • Hours Leaderboard:
    • Re-enabled
    • Made it show active players only
  • Fixed being unable to set your forum title


  • Achievements Continued:
    • Added flashing HUD notification on completion
    • Added Gambling Addict:
      • Gamble 1000 times
    • Added Explorer:
      • Find the 20 missing children of Danktown
      • Rewards a random apparel
        • Could be the cheapest or the most expensive, it's completely random
      • For each child found you are given an additional reward of $200 and 20 Karma
      • There are over 100 spawns
      • There's a 10% chance you'll need to raid or climb to find one
      • Only one person may find a child, when one is found it is re-spawned at a random location
      • WARNING: This does not save your progress if you disconnect
  • Security Cameras:
    • Added an IMMERSIVE recording icon
    • Added a preview on your HUD
      • May be expanded or switched between cameras by pressing F3
      • You must press E on the monitor to enable this preview
        • You may do so to anyone's monitors as well
  • Some masks may now be worn at the same time as hats
  • Fixed crafting table time remaining showing 0
  • Fixed reset job command
  • Winner 8
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22 minutes ago, aStonedPenguin said:
  • Find the 20 missing children of Danktown

Hope at least you gave them candy before kidnap.... *fixes voice* borrowing them from the parents.

Edited by David
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