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11/12/2021 - Update


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  • Getting set to a non staff rank now removes your staff password
    • No more forgetting your password if you get mod a year later
    • Note: All staff passwords have been wiped as part of this update
  • Fixed TeamSpeak failing to unsync your old identity if you sync to a new one


  • New Pocket:
    • Base space is 80
      • Upgrades add 20 space
    • You no longer pocket whole shipments (see below, trust me it makes sense)
      • Every individual item takes up a slot now, so instead of a shipment of 5 items taking 1 slot it takes 5 + 1
        • 5 slots for the items inside the shipment and 1 slot for the empty shipment
    • Right click to toggle menu
    • Left click an item to drop a single
    • Right click an item for other options:
      • Drop a full shipment of 10 or however many items you have available
      • Drop a partial shipment of 1-10 items
        • If you do not have an empty shipment it will automatically buy one for $500
    • UI:
      • Since you no longer pocket items as shipments items are displayed with a single icon with their count below
      • Items are now color coded by what job sells them
      • Item are now sorted by which job sells them
    • Notes:
      • If you have not connected at least 90 days before this update your pocket has been wiped
      • All pocketed food has been wiped
    • It's all pretty self explanatory once you take a look at it:
      • ExhaustedLimpet.thumb.png.e5c261956d4b45
  • Pick Pocket:
    • Now places items directly in your pocket
    • Since the pocket no longer holds items as shipments it now takes 1-5 items of the same item at a time
  • Food:
    • Food now cost $200 when there is no cook
    • CO+ may now spawn food for events
  • Black Market Dealer:
    • May now craft everything they sell
    • Reduced RPGs to $7.5 million
    • Reduced Slams to $10 million
  • Gun/BMI Labs:
    • Added craft time to menu
    • Added time remaining to 3D2D HUD
  • Changed Job Colors:
    • Doctor -> Doctor
    • Protestor -> Protestor
    • Gun Dealer -> Gun Dealer
  • Added a 5 check limit
  • Weed seeds are now sold in shipments
  • CO+ may now spawn pocketable weapons (The ones you may purchase in the F4 menu that don't get instantly picked up)
  • F4 menu now displays how many items a shipment comes with
  • When an event is started the server now automatically does a tellall with a event description
  • Fixed buying spraypaint spawning an entity that gets instantly picked up
  • Fixed being able to physgun printer racks by added a printer while holding it
  • Fixed being able to buy negative karma, if for some reason you wanted to do that
  • Fixed jailed/banned players being able to use some entities
  • Fixed entities that can take damage being 1 tap (Including planted riot shields)
  • Fixed being able to destroy the printer baskets on printer racks (Fixes numerous other issues with printer racks)
  • Fixed some server lag exploits
  • Fixed prop limit HUD being inaccurate on ZRP
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15 minutes ago, aStonedPenguin said:
  • Pick Pocket:
    • Now places items directly in your pocket
    • Since the pocket no longer holds items as shipments it now takes 1-5 items of the same item at a time





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for those who cant get in game to see, here's what it looks like 


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