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09/20/17 - CWRP Update


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  • Disabled the dynamic destruction to be replaced with something else in the future.
  • Added Bowcaster to the Wookiees.
  • Added E-5 to droids
  • Added new spawn system.
  • Added 'c' alias to /comms
  • Added citation logs
  • Added Ship Modules
  • Added Grenades
    • Flash Bang
    • Frag Grenade
    • Pulse Health Grenade
  • Added models ported by @JeffChase
  • Added new icons for items made by @BrudrBear
  • Updated Sabers to be slightly more optimised.
  • Updated Saber targeting system to be more predictable.
  • Updated Saber heavy attack system (basically reverted).
  • Updated skill reset to only work when you have equal to or greater than max health.
  • Updated side arm damages again...
  • Updated portals, particle effects and ladders to remove them on disconnect.
  • Updated /give cool down: 20 -> 10 seconds.
  • Updated F4 menu to allow editing of parent, children and sister groups.
  • Fixed Group and Focus Heal resetting HP when HP is higher than max HP
  • Fixed Unknown Character bug
  • Fixed issues with Mass Effect Props 3 pack causing crashes (I deleted it XD)
  • Fixed frag Grenades giving too much ammo on use.
  • Fixed jail timer not expiring.
  • Fixed rank specific salaries.
  • Fixed last seen not updating if the server crashes or loses connection.
  • Fixed Q menu searching.
  • Fixed toggle-name not resetting when changing characters
  • Fixed button tool showing incorrect name. We don't actually have balloons!
  • Fixed comms being usable while jailed.
  • Fixed scoreboard icon priority (GM will show before VIP now).
  • Fixed group tag options (custom classes have correct tags etc)
  • Removed CTR


These are new systems "entities" placed around the ship. The first two to be added are on first floor. Each module has a set amount of health and while turned on they will do nothing. However if they are turned off or are destroyed the will all have a unique debuff. The debuff will reflect the module that was broken. These can be repaired (for now by anyone, just press E and have refined metal in your inventory) by engineers with a repair tool. However, in some cases it might be beneficial to turn this off when being attacked, this is up to the Naval officers to decide. NOTE: This isn't aiming to be "realistic" it's aiming to be something different for players to experience. I will be denying anything that wants change because "hurrr it aint realistic".

Green = complete

  • Gravity Systems
    • ON -> Gravity will be as it is currently, nothing changes.
    • OFF -> Gravity will be lower for players on the ship. You can jump higher but move slower. Items that are not secured will start to float upwards.
  • Shield and Hull Health Monitor
    • ON -> Nothing changes.
    • OFF -> Sparks and explosions will happen around electrical devices and pipes. If an explosion happens on you it will do 150 to 500 damage. Stay the fuck away.
  • Engine Monitor
    • ON -> You're safe :4head:
    • OFF -> Disruption in the warp drive will slow down time until the system if repaired or automatically repairs itself.
  • Health Systems
    • ON -> You're alive :kappahd:
    • OFF -> Oxygen levels will start to drain. After they have drained you will start to bleed out. Make sure you have a nice supply of oxygen tanks on you!


I didn't realise (because solo play) that the grenade sound was global. The sound and F4 menu "Edit Player" bug is fixed next restart. Commands still work though.

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