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Forum Rules

Veridian Phantom

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Last Updated 4/30/2021

Forum Rules

  1. Use common sense, don't be dumb and you will avoid getting banned.
  2. Do not tag any of the Roots unless it's very important.
  3. Be respectful to all users on the forums, this includes inciting drama and any general flaming.
    1. No threats are allowed of any kind.
  4. No server related crying, disrespect, and/or rant threads as well as GC banter. There are way better ways for your voice to be heard assuming it's reasonable, cohesive, and no one cares to see your stupid arguments in GC.
  5. No links/advertisements leading to malicious sites/porn/screamers/scams.
  6. No inappropriate pictures of any kind may be uploaded.
  7. Do not post in the wrong sections with regards to the topic you're posting about. (ex. Your staff application would not be posted in the Media section)
  8. Do not post in the Ban Appeal/Report sections unless you are Council, Super Admin, Double Admin, involved in the situation first hand, and/or have useful insight. Posting absolutely pointless opinions is the quickest way to getting banned.
  9. No shitposting/meme'ing on serious or even semi-serious posts. Shitposting is defined as a post that delivers little to no value to the thread, is distasteful, uncalled for and/or is completely unrelated to the thread it is being posted in.
    1. Comments on staff applications need to include at minimum some form of "positive support" or "negative support" to be considered valuable on DarkRP. CWRP requires the same but with valid explanation.
  10. We don't like spoilers here. If you do so for anything that hasn't been out for longer than a month and you will be banned.
  11. Flagging/reporting is to be used only when a post breaks one of the above rules.
  12. All these rules also apply to signatures.

All rules are up to forum moderator discretion. For the most part, we are extremely lenient on most if not all of the rules above, but, failure to abide by them completely may result in an immediate forum infraction and places you at risk. Post with caution.

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Rewording of rule 8 to reflect it's now universal nature
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