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11/09/17 - CWRP Update


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Optimisations and Battalion forum sync test. Only available on S2.

  • Fixed inventory items being stored in the wrong sections.
  • Fixed some ARC permissions and 1LT tag.
  • Updated F4 menu to hide all but your battalion and the naval battalion from the roster tabs.
  • Updated group/character look-ups to be way way faster.
  • Updated UI to be a little bit cleaner
  • Updated @Veridian-Phantom 's Jedi to be in the Senator group.
  • Added fading door tool (since I pushed this out to add battalion syncing some of the features do not currently work).

So yeah this is just an update for rank sync mainly. Report any bugs in the bug section blah blah blah if it isn't on the damn list then I didn't add it so don't spam steam.

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