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12/05/2017 - CWRP Update


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  • Fixed /setnpcdamage not affecting other players.
  • Fixed Missing textures and models from the new content pack system.
  • Fixed Creating a non-clone character will not update their model in the character creation screen.
  • Fixed No Grenade damage in logs.
  • Fixed view and world model material overrides on grenades.
  • Fixed groups list not showing online players
  • Fixed F4 menus not updating when you change battalion, leave a battalion or change characters. Pretty much everything okay.
  • Fixed group demotion not working
  • Fixed Inventory item bugs when trying to interact with empty fields
  • Fixed age old inventory bug that is harmless but still a little annoying...
  • Fixed ARC inconsistent group permissions compared to everyone else.
  • Fixed Promotion and demotion forum sync seems to be fucking promotions and demotions
  • Fixed E5 missing from NPC weapon selection.
  • Fixed pesky GetAttacker error in logs for module damages. Also fixes module damages...
  • Fixed deleted characters still counting towards max count for that play session
  • Fixed load errors with Bly and Wullfe or w/e his name is
  • Fixed world models on some weapons... no more finger guns lol
  • Fixed CG Jedi missing baton
  • Fixed saber staffs
  • Fixed Dual Saber left saber damage.
  • Fixed /setvoicerange and /toggleglobalvoice
  • Fixed all forms/stances being visible and being unable to change forms.
  • Fixed misc content pack not downloading (foot steps sounds, altos props etc)
  • Fixed animation locking on saber force powers.
  • Fixed HP/Armour (basically all stats) seemingly being re-applied at "random". Woops.
  • Fixed /setarmour not having a max value like /sethealth does.
  • Updated /roll to be 0 - 100 inclusive. Now you can use it for 50/50 smh.
  • Updated sabers block to no longer deal damage.
  • Updated meditate. You now take 6x damage while meditating.
  • Updated lightsaber animation hooks to be faster. reee.
  • Added new content loading system. This will sadly require you to download 400 MB when you connect but it means we have a lot more space to deal with extra event models and such. Yay.
  • Added notes system. Will be expanded on at a later date to look more Sci-Fi.
  • Added prop damage to players back to the server.
  • Added /setscale . This will scale a player from default scale * float. One being 100% or "normal".
  • Added promote/demote permissions to 2nd LT.
  • Added /toggleglobalvoice and /setvoicerange
    • Toggle global voice will make your voice global. Requires SGM+ to set it on yourself only. setvoice range will allow anyone who ISNT an officer to set their voice range between .1 and 1 of the default range. Officers can set this from .1 to 2.5. This means that the old command to talk further has been removed and now you can yell or whisper with your microphone. /setvoicerange 2 would be the same as toggling voice range in DB beforehand. Please don't abuse this as it would be cool to keep these relaxed restrictions. :(
  • Added new death screen.
    • This comes with a give up and call for help button. You can give up after you have waited for the usual death timer.
    • Also comes with a simple death recap. It will tell you what damaged you, what they/it damaged you with, how much damage and where it hit you.
    • Possibly going to add more stuff to it like spawn points in the future.
  • Added RC Ion.
  • Added Yoda.
  • Added some other classes.
  • Added a 5 second cooldown to heavy attacks.
  • Plenty of other things I forgot about.
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