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2/21/2018 - Update


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  • Fixed PO checking if you have permission to target your target


  • Added a setting to disable emotes
  • Weapon switcher no longer shows if you only have 1 weapon
  • Jobs menu now pops up to warn about selling all doors for all affected classes, not just Government
  • Meth Heads no longer affect Karma on killing players or being killed by players
  • Made printer ink bar a fraction instead of a percent
  • You can no longer drop RPGs, Slams and Grenades
  • Removed root from the playtime leaderboard on the loadscreen
  • Fixed drug shipments not being buyable
  • Fixed Jerome menu showing the wrong price
  • Improved PMs:
    • Added a setting to enable sounds / make your gmod window flash if you're tabbed out
    • Added to and from indicator
  • Hirable Classes:
    • Fixed being hired not showing who hired you
    • Fixed accepting two hire requests overriding the last one
  • Warrants:
    • Fixed warrants not asking the mayor to confirm them
    • Increased time mayor has to confirm to 60 seconds
  • Demotes:
    • Demotes now require 10% of the server to vote to be accepted
    • Increased the time to 30 seconds
  • Recoded the questions system (lotto, demotes, hire players ect):
    • Made menu nicer and less invasive. Only two questions will show at a time next to the chatbox.
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So if the mayor is required to accept warrants, would you be allowed to demote them for being AFK? They originally had no negative effects for being AFK but now the police wouldn't be allowed to raid without going through them?

Uh oh

EDIT: Unless it's already changed in the rules and I just haven't seen it?

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