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04/04/18 - CWRP Update


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Available next restart.

  • Removed EP2 hilt, seems to be causing some issues. Defaults to EP3 hilt now.
  • Fixed repair tool having infinite heal on robots.
  • Fixed loadouts erroring when the price is a table value.
  • Fixed gaining XP from falling.
  • Fixed errors with /train.
  • Fixed run speed base stat not being applied.
  • Fixed permanent props not auto loading.
  • Fixed armoury NPC opening legacy loadouts menu.
  • Fixed missing XP from the merge.
  • Added SEV 3 | Misuse of military communications.
  • Updated XP to ignore PvP since no one can help themselves being fucking stupid with it.
  • Updated /train XP to give way more XP. (400 base xp per person)
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