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4/30/2017 - Update


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All Servers

  • Added infinite loop protection (Prevents crashing in case of bad code from @KingofBeast or @Scott, but not me because my code is flawless)
  • Updated the rules pages to pull from the new forums instead of the old
  • Changed the hostname prefix to a yinyang... Until low quality servers of Garry's Mod start to copy that too...
  • The following commands no longer toggle
    • Freeze -> UnFreeze
    • Mute-> UnMute
    • MuteChat -> UnMuteChat
    • MuteVoice -> UnMuteVoice
  • Totally re-coded the rewards system
    • Fixed steam group rewards constantly failing
    • Joining the steam group now only gives you 150 credits
    • Joining the forums gives you 150 credits
    • Syncing your rank with TeamSpeak gives you 150 credits
    • Made it all into one menu so you don't get a bunch of popups when you join


  • Added warm and fuzziness for all (Don't worry we added a setting for dark and gloomy if that's your thing)
  • Added ability to transfer org ownership through "Edit Player" menu
  • Org members list now sorts members alphabetically
  • Cleaned/Optimized all org functions/menu
  • Death screen is now below all other elements (chat shows basically)
  • Printers can now stay up to an hour after a player leaves the server (Current: 15m-60mi Old: 15mi-45mi)
  • Fixed colorizer tool menu
  • Fixed org perms exploit
  • Fixed coke and meth speedup not going away
  • Fix rare chance of money loss when casino owner changes jobs or disconnects mid roll
  • Fixed scoreboard dropdown erroring for users without orgs
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but but but swrp cosmetics

This is for DRP... Also SWRP isn't getting cosmetics until later as @Scott is working on cross-battalion intergration for stuff like companies, squads, units, Battalion Jedi and Named Jedi
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but not me because my code is flawless

![alt text](http://cdn.smosh.com/sites/default/files/ftpuploads/bloguploads/laughing-gifs-jonah-jameson.gif)

also nigga never caused an infinite loop wtf

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Guest Robb Stark

I still can't sync my rank with ts, I tried restarting ts and gmod multiple times and it still says "| You need to have joined teamspeak in the past 24 hours to sync your UID. Please join and try again!" Its probably a glitch with overwolf.

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