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5/14/2018 - DarkRP Update


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  • Complete HUD overhaul
    • All new icons (thanks @BrudrBear)
    • Updated design
    • New easier to see gun license icon for player info (thanks @BrudrBear)
    • Hit and arrest warrants list won't cover your whole screen anymore, F3, C or any menu will expand them fully and they will otherwise only show 6 results
    • Added 2 HUD settings to enable info tag above the local player in 3rd person (off by default), and to disable drawing Org Banners in info tags (off by default)
  • Added new icons to the F4 menu (thanks @BrudrBear)
  • Added in game importing of images for org banners
  • Players no longer receive weapons until they press a key after spawning (less entities, less lag, yay)
  • Fixed players receiving ALL of their permanent weapons when they first join
  • Fixed hiring players saying you cannot afford it
  • Fixed textscreens failing to render sometimes
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Nice Update.

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