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8/3/2018 - Update


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  • Fixed /smotd opening the MoTD


  • Flashnotes (popup for wants, arrests etc):
    • Overhauled look
    • Moved their start position closer to the top of the screen
    • Made the box auto shrink to smaller text
  • Employees:
    • Added a new F4 menu to hire and fire employees
    • Added group chat support
    • You no longer need to hire people by looking at them
    • You no longer lose your employees when you or they die
    • You can now hire unlimited employees
  • Gambling:
    • Added Basic Slots machine (2 of a kind in a row = 4x, 3 of a kind = 10x)
    • Added Spin Wheel machine (Win or lose 2-5x)
    • Added winning sounds
    • Added ability to set machine out of service
    • Added a management menu for the owner
    • Machines now automatically go out of service when the owner is too poor to operate them
    • You can no longer roll again directly after your previous roll, it waits until the money is actually transferred
    • Lowered the volume of the ticking sounds
    • Lowered minimum price to $500
    • Made machines start at the minimum price
    • Raised 50/50 machine price to 10k
    • Lowered max machines to 2 each
    • Fixed being able to hold E and cycle numbers
  • NPCs:
    • Added an additional spawn for jermome
    • Copshop now notifies players when they can't use it
    • Updated the 3d2d text above their heads with nice icons
  • Share Props:
    • Added new button in the C menu to access share props
    • Added the ability to share props with your entire org
    • Overhauled the menu
  • Additions:
    • Added taser for Rent-A-Cops
    • Added FaceID™ to keypads (only can be used by the owner, you're welcome solo basers)
    • Added org leaderboard to the load screen
    • Added meth head to C18
    • Added the ability to preview, rename, and delete org banners
  • Modifications:
    • Having sex with a prostitute now adds 10 health
    • Raised max mercenaries to 12
    • Made weed seeds arrestable
    • Made armor arrestable
    • Made karma sometimes effect dumpster drops
    • Made taser deploy fully charged
    • Made antilag less sensitive (again)
    • Lowered STD moan sounds
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed scoreboard saying "View Steam Profile" instead of "View SUP Profile"
    • Fixed warrants/hits list sometimes being too narrow on smaller screens
    • Fixed HUD materials not downloading on zombies
    • Fixed global chat showing your real job color when you're disguised
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2 hours ago, aStonedPenguin said:
  •  Added FaceID™ to keypads (only can be used by the owner, you're welcome solo basers)


Can we add a 5% chance that the Face ID doesn't let you in, just for the memes?

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Very nice update.


Finally no swapping to taser as police and waiting for it to charge right as you need it. 


Excited to see more employment with the jobs menu and the improved gambling. 

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