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8/9/2018 - SSRP Update


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Some of these fixes are already in but the rest will be available next server restart.

  • Added path specific dual sabers.
  • Added several sabers to classes.
  • Added Knight class rank.
  • Added kick button for battalion classes.
  • Updated character kick button to be usable by a SA+.
  • Updated dupe tool to ignore entities with missing models.
  • Updated body group tool to ignore clones/jedi.
  • Updated /invite menu to ignore players already in a battalion.
  • Updated F4 menu to sort characters alphabetically.
  • Fixed /train not working on players who connected for the first time.
  • Fixed group info losing sync when characters are changed on the other server(s).
  • Fixed Naval missing invite permissions.
  • Fixed baton unwant and other errors.
  • Fixed cosmetic purchases.
  • Fixed RC & GM health.
  • Fixed /jedi chat being unavailable to linked Jedi.
  • Fixed linked talents not taking into account classes.
  • Fixed 9th missing shields.
  • Fixed /invite showing event characters.
  • Fixed event characters spawning in the training room.
  • Fixed button permissions for Naval, CG and High Officers.
  • Winner 4
  • Friendly 1
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