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9/2/2018 - Update


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  • Optimized databases
    • Portal should be faster
    • Load screen loads faster
    • Fixes playtime/rank not loading right away when the server restarts


  • Added animations for when you're drunk
  • Added animations for various in game things (list here)
  • Added a super vibrant color filter to F4 settings
  • Made the F4 menu tabs layout when you open them (People will slow computers won't freeze for a half second anymore)
  • Made win sound for gambling machines a bit quieter
  • Made thug combo fists work on all types of doors and unowned doors
  • Made weed spawn a little further back so you don't use it when trying to harvest it
  • Improved arrest baton accuracy
  • Made admin keypad checker also detect buttons
  • Fixed protestor sign getting getting stuck on your head when you change jobs (Cound't reproduce it so post here if it's fixed or not please)
  • Fixed missing shotgun crosshair
  • Overhauled doors
    • You no longer buy doors, you buy a whole base
    • You are allowed 1 property instead of a set amount of doors
    • Staff force unown gives property resale value
    • Lowered base price for poorer players
    • Hotel manager can now buy a hotel door for themselves
    • Hotel doors can now have co-owners, be org owned and have the title changed
    • Fixed the rendering on club penguin doors


  • Added a spawn zone so you can now freeze microwaves
  • Tweaked scaling on blood splatter and text on death screen
  • Fixed zombies spawning in the town


Hotfix 9/3/2018 11:00PM CDT

  • [ZRP] Made spawn zone actually work
  • [ZRP] Made NPC zombies leave Jerome alone again (Sasha now as well, and any future RP NPCs)
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bruh lemme tell yall bout this new arrest baton... if you can aim, no one is safe in these streets no more.

no more latency bullshit cucking

no more free runners cucking

no more bullet push back fucking up the register

no more blatantly smacking someone in the back as they run and it not arresting them

arrest baton diamond ranked flicks work 100%

it's a new age for cops my niggas, now all we need is that 400 IQ cop suggestion

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4 hours ago, aStonedPenguin said:

Fixed protestor sign getting getting stuck on your head when you change jobs (Cound't reproduce it so post here if it's fixed or not please)

@aStonedPenguin @KingofBeast It's not fixed https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1502167808

How to reproduce: 

1. Become protester

2. Select Sign

3. Press R and change the text (Not sure if you have to change all 3 lines, but i did)

4. Die, while holding the sign. (I chose to go up the stairs right next to spawn and fall off the building until i died, if you need a more specific example)

5. Respawn and switch jobs. (don't know if the thing where you aren't given any ammo or anything upon spawning until moving affects it, i moved before switching jobs.)

6. Cry about it to Penguin that it's not been fixed yet

Edit: I just realised i was supposed to post in the hyperlinked forum post, feel free to delete this.

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Yo so can the hotel owner thing be the same for cinema owner??


Like you can co own and have an org hotel basically now, could we make it the same option for the cinema, to get some actual use out of the cinema base, rarely is the cinema or cinema owner ever used.

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