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[DarkRP] DA Feedback Survey


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Much like our Management survey's that the large sum of the community participates in annually, this time we'd like to to do the same thing but with a twist for the standing Double Admin team. The rank of Double Admin is a primary stepping stone to one of the most important ranks in the server, and their performance here as well as in the possible future will directly correlate to your experience here at Superior Servers ~ whether it be a supplement or a deterioration.

I simply ask for your most honest and completely anonymous opinions of the full and current listing of our Double Admins. Highly detailed and lengthy feedback are all graciously appreciated, but of course, you can also simply stop by and leave a simple note of relevance. These handful of individuals will be granted the mass of feedback at the conclusion of this survey to take into consideration their own performance and possible likelihood of advancement. We hope the combined effort of the communities outside perspectives can greatly assist our Double Admins, and in return, greatly assist you.

Thank you for your cooperation, please click the hyperlink located below.


Double Admin Feedback Survey

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12 minutes ago, Flanks said:

I only filled it for the cockatiel at the end 🐍



9 minutes ago, Squishy said:


Did you fill this out with your wacky bird noises, Squishy?

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15 hours ago, " Nick " said:

Really appreciate everyone who takes the time to fill out the survey. Means a lot to me and probably the rest of the DAs.

you're just tryna charm everyone into saying you should be the next SA



more birb 



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