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11/01/2018 - SSRP CW Update


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  • Added PK to Naval
  • Added ARC models to classes
  • Added ARC NULL class
  • Added Lore hilt cosmetics to some Jedi
  • Fixed linked lore characters not having cosmetic models
  • Fixed cosmetics not clearing when you change model or character
  • Fixed boost displaying incorrect session time to the player
  • Fixed ARC having slower runspeed than they should have
  • Fixed event characters being unable to do damage to ship modules
  • Fixed ex-jedi keeping their jedi model when they are kicked or leave the battalion.
  • Updated knife damages
  • Updated /roll to /roll <max (optional)>
  • Updated agenda edit window size
  • Updated some agenda bugs
  • Updated agenda so it can scroll.
  • Updated agenda space
  • Updated Radios to work**
  • Removed halloween update settings

** On next restart

  • Winner 5
  • Useful 1
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