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11/02/2018 - SSRP CW Update


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  • Added SA+ Characters officially
  • Added module controllers throughout the ship.
    • Used to repair broken walls.
    • Used to repair broken pipes.
    • 1% chance for a module to break every 5 minutes (0.5% for brig uhoh).
    • The ERL door now has a controller as well and will also break.
    • Multiple walls/pipes/doors can be broken at the same time.
  • Added a limit of 10k to each unqiue inventory item type.
  • Fixed radio UI being out of sync (?)
  • Fixed some cosmetic model permissions.
  • Fixed radio permissions.
  • Fixed blaster colours still being orange.
  • Updated GM to 21st Nova Corps
  • Removed old random pipe/wall breaking system.
  • Winner 8
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Yeh none of it was deleted, I just can't pick anymore up lol


5 minutes ago, Scott said:

Yes let me warn him that none of his sand was deleted.

It was all a profit plan.. I now have to buy more character slots to carry more sand..!!!

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