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11/18/2018 - Update


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  • Added Sundown to the C menu servers
  • Logs:
    • Completely re-coded the menu
    • Instead of loading everything when you open the menu stuff is loaded when you open a category meaning it takes roughly half a second to load depending on how fast your computer is
    • Last 500 logs are now shown instead of 400
    • PE now ignores rank and can be used on anyone
    • Live updating is now default off
  • UI Tweaks:
    • Added place holder text to most text entries (example)
    • Made DMenus a little easier to see (these things)



  • Added logs:
    • [Raid] Thug fist
    • [Police] entity arrest
    • [Assault] Pick Pocket
    • [Assault] Taser
    • [Assault] Pimp slap
    • [Assault] Stun Stick
    • Merged ziptie logs with assault logs
    • [Money] Microwave
    • [Money] Item Lab
    • [Money] Basic Slots
    • [Money] Fifty Fifty
    • [Money] SpinWheel
    • [Money] Med lab
    • [Money] Armor lab
    • [Money] Ammo lab
  • Zipties:
    • Damaging/pimp slapping a tied player resets their struggle timer for 30 seconds
    • Banned players can no longer struggle free
    • Fixed banned players being able to carry ziptied players
  • Moved Sasha & dumpster near factory on danktown/sundown so you can block off the whole base
  • Fixed sitwatcher spawn on sundown
  • Fixed pick pocket swep on sundown
  • Fixed sundown event door being ownable
  • Fixed being unable to craft zipties
  • Fixed last seen in org menu (maybe, can't reproduce)
  • Fixed weapons sometimes being dropped on death (maybe, can't reproduce)



  • Added pick pocket to anarchist (forgot to last update)
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