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12/9/2018 - DarkRP Update


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  • Added easy fading door tools:
    • Biometric Scanner:
      • Opening them works just like faceid on a keypad
      • Press E to:
        • Add players
        • Add teams
        • Add your org
    • Button:
      • Self-explanitory
    • Tolls:
      • Allow anyone to pay either once or every time they use the padd
      • Press E to enter
    • To create them just right click 1 or 2 props and left click to place the pad
    • Moved old fading door tools to "Adv fading doors"
      • They may be removed eventually but for now they will remain
      • Rules regarding metagaming with keypad codes are no longer applicable as there is no reason to use them for your base entrance
  • Weapon Switcher:
    • Added support for last weapon used bind (add it in your Garry's Mod binds if you don't have it set)
    • Added ammo count
    • Improved look
  • The usual winter stuff (will be removed in exactly one month):
    • Added snowballs for all
    • Added snow (You have to enable it in settings this year. You know, global warming and all)
  • Added missing ziptie sound
  • Reverted not spawning with illegal items when your arrest ends
  • Switching jobs no longer resets your custom job name (/job)
  • Raised the cooldown for locking/unlocking doors after they're lockpicked to 10 seconds
  • Made scoreboard always draw over other things such as the chatbox
  • Dupes can no longer be copied in adminmode
  • Arrested players are now marked as prisoners
  • Fixed /911 not having a character limit
  • Fixed /911 character limit hotfix erroring when canceling a 911 call
  • Fixed questions not being removed in some cases (Demote votes when someone changes a job, etc)
  • Fixed price confirmations not allowing you to use entities until you rejoin if you do not confirm


(If you were on the server during this update and have missing textures restart your game)

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I really like the basic and advanced fading doors tool split. I'll still probably use the advanced fading doors tools elusively just because I prefer how it works/I'm more used to it, but I'm loving the update.

Edit: Removed the end of my previous statement because I was an idiot that didn't fully check Advanced Fading Door Button tool.

Edited by Jenma
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