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01/06/2019 - MilRP Update


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  • Added AFK character unloading
  • Added motorpool for Terrorists and NATO
    • 4k to spawn in each vehicle. (currently not shown. oops)
    • Must be SGT+
    • People in the same battalion can drive the vehicle
    • Anyone else can enter the vehicle
    • Will take small amount of damage from bullets
    • Will take a large amount of damage from rockets/explosives
    • When the vehicle takes a lot of damage it will ignite and smoke, you have 30 seconds to leave the vehicle
    • You cannot exit the vehicle while it is moving
    • You cannot enter the vehicle while it is moving
  • Added stamina debuffs
  • Added the ability for bandages to heal other players when you are the medic class
  • Added correct hand models
  • Added weapon switch logs
  • Added threat indicator to kill logs
  • Updated stamina to go down twice as slow unless jumping
  • Updated M249 accuracy and recoil
  • Updated Mosin damage and scope size
  • Updated sniper rifles to have sound travel support.
  • Updated IED and C4 damages and increased delay
  • Updated bandage self-heal amount.
  • Updated M14 fire rate and accuracy
  • Updated M16A4 recoil and fixed 3-round burst mode.
  • Updated NATO spawn positions
  • Updated jail cell positions
  • Fixed missing fonts
  • Fixed double exploding on IED/C4

The vehicle base was built over 5 hours so bugs are to be expected. Please report all bugs on the forums. The terrorist vehicle is temporary.

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