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01/26/2019 - CWRP Update


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I am aware of some people unable to view their characters when connecting to the server. This update might fix your problem. If it doesn't please message me on Teamspeak and we can try and fix it.

This update also has new download content so make sure you're downloads are enabled. If you are having trouble with downloaded content then please check here:

Bodygroup changes to test out headshot and limb damage will be added in the week to allow next war games matches to end without major changes.

  • Added back swimming animations.
  • Added several weapons to NPC weapon selection
  • Added stealth pack to loadout for ARF
  • Added DC15A back to RP default loadouts
  • Added cloaking devices
    • For ARC & ARF class.
    • Once equipped through loadouts menu you can use the HUD element to toggle it on or off or srp_cloak.
    • Disables when you attempt to attack or aim.
  • Added RM talents
    • Increased stimkit healing by 10%
    • Increased overstim amount by 5%
    • Decrease revive time by 7 seconds
  • Added weapon skins from Tobestar and Walker
  • Updated several UI elements for clarity
    • Spade UI
    • Talents UI
    • Boost HUD UI Element
    • Remove text when looking at emplacements
  • Updated tracers
  • Updated ARF models to Walkers changes.
  • Updated 501st and 327th colours.
  • Updated battalion roster
    • Added dropdown to sort by class as well as rank
    • Who Invited/promoted/demoted
    • Promotion/Demotion date
    • Previous Rank
    • Fixed notes
    • Added button to ez view players character list
  • Updated attack damage talent to PvE only
  • Updated F4 menu group lists. Must enabled "Display Models in Group List" to enable these.
  • Fixed attached group officers being unable to use menus of attached groups (possibly, hard to test solo).
  • Fixed trial gamemaster
  • Fixed TGM being unable to use Noclip
  • Fixed issues with TGM status
  • Fixed relationship tool being hidden from Q menu
  • Fixed several log issues
    • Character change ids being the wrong way around.
    • Fixed several areas where steam names are being used instead of character names
    • Fixed kill logs
  • Fixed NPCs double shooting with new weapon base
  • Fixed NPCs being unable to use new weapon base
  • Fixed B2 weapons
  • Fixed ammo missing on revive/stun (?)
  • Fixed first person legs on several models
  • Fixed some loadout items not showing correctly
  • Fixed several other bugs that I don't remember
  • Fixed 41st GC not being able to translate event characters text
  • Fixed showing wanted players as arrested on the scoreboard
  • Fixed Geonosian blood showing particle errors
  • Winner 14
  • Useful 2
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Just now, Might Be Yenn-Sey said:

Heck now ARF enlisted with knives gunna stab me in sims

I was thinking of nerfing knife damage next update unless you are behind someone and they are somewhat still.

Just now, Flanks said:

Added back swimming animations?

Can't wait to go back to swimming... Oh wait...

This is mainly for server2 maps.

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Just now, Scott said:

I was thinking of nerfing knife damage next update unless you are behind someone and they are somewhat still.

Good, If anything they would need a range nerf. Damage is fine but if a Jedi is fighting a Knife user then the guy with the knife wins 9 times out of 10 purely becus of mobility and range


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