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Summer is upon us!


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Attention Community:

As you all know, summer is beginning to weigh down on us. This will bring a plethora of old and new faces back to our community. SUP started years ago with one server, and very little amounts of people playing on it. Over the years we grew our empire to be one of the largest, if not the largest community on Garry's mod. That was no easy feat. We overcame adversity, DDOS, rumors and many other things to continue to provide the best content to our players. But content isn't enough. I'm asking you all today to combine our awesome content and community with your gracious attitude to welcome all our new and old players back to the server with open arms. Give them a chance, and make new friends. This is the summer for change, and a bright future. With your help, we can continue to grow what is already an awesome community into something more.

So, finally I say this. I challenge all of you, staff and members alike to be a welcoming host to all our new players over the summer and beyond. It starts today and right here. Lets show our competitors what we got!

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