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06/07/17 - CWRP Update


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You might need to restart your Garry's Mod completely to get the new models. Also, if anyone can see the Republic Medic XO's materials just fine then hit me up because I lost the files.

  • General Optimizations
  • Added auto-training to players who already have a CT+ character
  • Added the ability to set "allegiance" tags on event characters. (e.g. Replace CIS with Civilian Asshole) /settag
  • Added Company models
    • Torrent Company
  • Updated Admiral Model
  • Added name Jedi
    • Obi-Wan - 212th
    • Ki-adi-mundi - GM
    • Anakin Skywalker - 501st
    • Luminara Unduli - 41st
    • Aayla Secura - 327th
    • Shaak Ti - CTR
    • Kit fisto - ARC
    • Ima Gun Di - CG
    • Quinlan Vos - ARF
    • Mace Windu - 187th
    • Plo Koon - 104th
  • Easter egg :egg:
  • Added Jedi Group chat.
    • All Jedi in the Jedi Group will use group chat as normal.
    • All Jedi in other battalions (the named Jedi) will use /Jedi to talk to the Jedi battalion or your team chat key as usually to talk to your linked battalion.
  • Added named character support
    • Named characters are now separate from ranks. This is assigned by using the edit button in the battalion menu.
  • Adjusted some NPC damages
  • Updated /roll to be more clear
  • Updated NPC Spawner
    • Now only notifies the owner if it was enabled or disabled.
    • Only visible to the owner
    • Fixed bug where the NPC proficiency was off by one in the UI. (It was always correctly set on the NPCs)
  • Updated player rows to show the new edit menu instead of Kick and Set Rank buttons
  • Fixed inconsistencies with rank casings
  • Fixed CT and CR being notargetted by default
  • Fixed compass not showing
  • Fixed footstep sounds sometimes not overriding
  • Fixed several more FPS issues with sabers and UI
  • Fixed group team chat for CR, CT and Event Characters
  • Fixed PermaProp tool issues
  • Fixed being able to remove perma-propped items with the remover tool
  • Fixed some NPCs not removing gibs on death
  • Fixed Vice Admirals name
  • Removed the gas button from armoury
  • Removed officer permissions from WO
  • Removed officer and button permissions from < MASTER and removed hangar from knight.
  • Removed unneeded F4 settings
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Anyone who had a "named" character will need to assign themselves to it by pressing Edit Player in the F4 Menu. I was unable to give 212th, 212th AB, 41st, 41st GC their models because I was given uncompiled versions.

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@Snaps Not all named Jedi are added yet. With the exception of a few we just added the obvious ones for now. Once the bugs are worked out and we are decided 100% on the rest of the Jedi to add you will get one.

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