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11/30/2019 - CWRP Update


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  • Updated map to rp_liberator_sup_b7a
    • Added new armoury to first floor of bunks, where 41st used to be.
    • Added medbay decontamination thing
    • Fixed several visual glitches around the map
    • Fixed several textures being misaligned
    • Increased width of walkway to the nose of the ship
    • Increased width of walkway under ATC around moonpool
    • Increased width of walkway around ERL ramp
    • Removed skirting around bunks to make it easier to walk around with multiple people.
    • Removed old Armoury
    • Removed two rooms on third floor and turned them into two lounge areas
    • Removed old RP bunk room and turns the area back into hangar space
    • Removed some sit rooms
    • Updated training room so the lights do not turn off when the ship lights are off
    • Updated lighting in some areas
    • Updated Medbay size
    • Updated ERL to remove walls and remade the room to optimise the map more. It was loading a lot of MHB and first floor
    • Updated textures of ERL, MHB, Hangar A & B
    • Updated range that door under from ER Ramp to MHB starts openening
    • Added temporary snow effects and floor materials to moonpool area and ERL
  • Added Snowballs from DarkRP
  • Added Cosmetics
    • Santa Hat
    • Christmas Wraps
    • Gift Head
    • Tree Head
    • Ported by @Tobester
  • Updated mines to be disabled by 9th
  • Fixed issues with GROUP:GetPlayers(includeChildren) not getting the parent battalion too.
    • Fixes issues with setmarker and likely other commands that require command priority.
  • Fixed footsteps not playing for all robots. Now is only silent for Astromech
  • Fixed objectives not syncing for newly loaded players
  • Fixed fuel perk not applying extra fuel
  • Fixed armourregen capping at 100AP
  • Fixed triumphs not showing a visible completion and instead showing the stats previous state
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