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07/25/2020 - MilRP Update


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  • Updated to latest SSRP base (a lot of changes from the last 3 CWRP updates)
  • Added HQ battalion spawns to the brigs
  • Added resourse points to the new map
  • Added new map rp_desert_conflict
  • Added armed technical to T side
  • Added back minefield to NATO base
  • Updated Badmin and Dash to latest
  • Updated classes for 65th
    • Added LAT
    • Added 8 slot Snipers
    • Added Sapper
    • Removed C4 by default
  • Updated pilot slots from 15 to 20. Removed pilot from J and T-HQ
  • Updated taser weapon to utility 1
  • Updated weapon ammo types for Galil and AKS74U
  • Fixed being unable to change character on the same faction when teams are not balanced
  • Fixed HR npc being off map
  • Winner 8
  • Optimistic 1
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I never liked the minefield. But I dont even go on MilRP anymore so my opinion is completely invalid.

Other than that, cool update Scott.

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I’m buying MilRP VIP tomorrow because of this.

2 hours ago, Jesus Rat said:



1 hour ago, Scootie said:



1 hour ago, Emy Cook said:




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34 minutes ago, Jesus Rat said:

The the fucking map learn to read

Did the joke move past you 

they say let’s go

hes asking go where 

learn to have humor you furry

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