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10/03/2020 - MilRP Update


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  • Highly edited map update made by @Yous
    • Added river
    • Added destructable bridges
    • Added new town square
    • Added new bunks for NATO (some for T side soon)
    • Added gas station and trench training area
    • Added container area
    • Added arena room ready for the arena random event
    • Added sit rooms
    • Added event room at the top of the map
    • Updated airfield
  • Updated Badmin/Dash with latest changes
  • Updated other things I don't remember
  • Updated the base gamemode with base changes. Look at the last 2 CWRP update threads for more information. Noteable changes:
    • Markers work for radio users
    • Patrol system changed

Resources currently don't spawn on the map its getting late yo. They will tomorrow. Big update coming mid month-ish and can be found on the Trello. So more like the end of the month am I right XD

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