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07/10/17 - Update


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All Servers

  • Fixed reserved slots system not properly showing popups when you get moved to another server
  • Added some code to try and prevent ghost sits (If you can actually reproduce this that'd be helpful)


  • Thirdperson:
    • Added setting to invert thirdperson mouse
    • Added double-tapping alt to third person to permanently lock or unlock the camera
    • Optimized third person a little, got rid of unnecessary calculations
    • Fixed third person making your player turn sideways when the camera was hugging a wall or object
  • Metal Detectors:
    • Optimized code for better preformance
    • If police are near you get auto wanted for illegal weapons
    • Drastically improved detection box
  • Lockdown:
    • Lowered time to 5 minutes
    • Alarm is now less eardrum-shattering
  • Added a 90 second 911 ESP for cops
  • Tweaked the UI a bit
  • Players in Kombat no longer lose Karma for killing
  • Logs no longer log if someone was in spawn (its super expensive to calculate it and it's not applicable to the rules anymore)
  • Unwanting a player now gives a message box saying who unwanted the player
  • Added perma taser
  • Hackers keypad cracker no longer allows you to hack unless you're hired
  • Nerfed knives a small bit, it can do 25-100 damage depending on how it's used, instead of 25-180
  • Fixed a lua error that likely caused unowned props/items to be around the map
  • Fixed med labs being able to take damage when frozen and not when unfrozen
  • Fixed newest DankTown's spawn protection
  • Fixed armor labs not spawning on danktown
  • Fixed being able to dupe weapons if demoted during Kombat
  • Fixed messed up error message when you try to place a hit for an invalid price
  • Fixed wording issue on prop and pocket upgrades


  • Added dumpster spawns

(C18 won't be updated for a couple hours and CWRP won't be updated until @Scott gets to his next update)

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* Added some code to try and prevent ghost sits (If you can actually reproduce this that'd be helpful)

Within 3 seconds of a sit popping up, expand the sit. While it like starts the animation of expanding, have someone take the sit immediately.

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