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02/15/2021 - MilRP Update


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Update out sometime today. Please not if you currently have Garry's Mod running and have connected to MilRP this session you may have to restart the game because Garrys Mod's content system isn't the greatest.

  • Updated to the latest Badmin, Dash & SSRP Base
  • Added mortar logs
  • Added/updated battalion items
    • Ghillie suit set to 75th and RF as a cosmetic
    • Cuffs given to both HQ groups
    • Flight suits added as a 101st cosmetic
    • FOB deadzones increased and base zones added on a per-map basis
    • Added SAS models as cosmetics for the SAS
    • Binos added to all TD
  • Added locations around the map
    • Wheat Fields
    • Eastern Gas Station
    • Western Gas Station
    • Airstrip
    • Tunnel
    • Trenches
    • City North & City South
    • Centeral Bridge
    • West Tower
    • West Checkpoint
    • Shipping Site
  • Added different vehicle cam types
    • Dash cam
    • Thirdperson cam
    • First person cam
    • First person with body cam
    • Press +duck (CTRL) to change views
  • Added max distance for SMGs and Shotguns
    • These weapons will only hit up to a certain range
    • full damage is applied up to about 60% of the maximum range. Slightly different per weapon
  • Added night and supernight to sup_b1a
  • Added an option to remove muzzle smoke from weapons
  • Added a server restart vote. Can run every 1 hours after 50hr of uptime
  • Added vehicle lock to holster
    • Left click = Lock, Right click = unlock
    • Pressing L while inside a car will lock it
  • Added lockpicks
    • Craftable by the terrorists
    • Makes a semi-loud sound every few seconds while lockpicking is in progress
    • Works on air and land vehicles
  • Added grapple hook fully
  • Added new helicopters
    • Chinook for NATO
    • Mi-17 for TERRORISTs
  • Added craftable helmet item
    • Can take 1-3 shots depending on the weapon used.
    • Equipped via your inventory
    • Wearing a new helmet will replace your current with the max armour again
  • Added weblogs
  • Added new items
    • Copper Sscrap
    • Copper casings
    • Lead Scrap
    • Lead Refined
    • Cupronickel Pile
    • Cupronickel Casings
  • Added new crafting recipes
    • Copper casings
    • Cupronickel Casings
    • Lead Refined
    • Helmets
    • Crowbar
  • Updated collection points. Shit ton of points around the base map now
  • Updated ammo recipes to use the new gatherable items
  • Updated inventory icons
  • Updated /give to work to/from Civilians
  • Updated Shield mechanic
  • Updated all model hitbox settings
    • This includes increasing the headbox size on some models
    • Added hitboxes to 3 models that had the default hitbox groups
    • Added the "chest" attachment to any models missing it for cosmetics
  • Fixed an issue with main XP not saving correctly after earning XP from another tree
  • Fixed Sapper class not showing for 65th
  • Fixed issues with prone
  • Fixed NPCs using SWB weapons
  • Fixed technical hangar spawn being the wrong orientation
  • Fixed suicide belt UI being all-white
  • Fixed hangar preview not showing aircraft
  • Fixed an issue where EU LAT had the incorrect primary weapon
  • Winner 16
  • Friendly 1
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