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03/18/2021 - CW Update


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Models for battalions and custom classes will be added over the next few days and available on the restart after that.

  • Added S2 Maps
  • Added hacking mini-games
    • Default bomb entities for GMs to quickly annoy everyone
    • Hacking toolgun will let GMs create a list of minigames to apply to a prop with some predefined failure and success results to pick from
    • Craftable tech item to interact with hackable panels around the ship, much like the current ship modules.
    • Hackable panels will randomly be insecure. You must interact with these and complete the games to unlock/open any doors/buttons it may control
    • More games will be added over time
  • Added Weapon Modding system
    • Craft modules to add to weapons that support mods
    • Increase stats depending on the mod
    • Mods include:
      • Reduce Recoil
      • Increase Ammo Capacity
      • Increase Damage
      • Reduce Shotgun Spread
      • Colour infusers
        • Purple
        • Orange
        • Green
      • More to be added in the future
  • Added hologram deck to RB and LB
  • Added hacking skilltree
  • Added flashlight brightness settings
    • Please bind +alt1 and +alt2 to change these settings while your light is enabled
  • Added labourer skilltree
  • Added money update UI to main HUD bar
  • Added new scoreboard
  • Added custom titles for VIP Plus
    • /cleartitle will clear a bad title as an SA
  • Added ship module health status' in Left Bridge
  • Added hyperspace status on right bridge
  • Added ARC Recon drones
  • Added auto-kick for non-VIPs if they have been afk for more than 15 minutes and server pcount is more than 110 players
  • Added basic emotes
    • Standing at ease,
    • Hands up
  • Added downtime interactions
    • Take items to a drop point for RC+XP
    • Cleanup puddles on the floors if found
    • Wont spawn insisde of CSR, ESR, Training room and Staff room
  • Added /staffnews
    • Lets you set and/or see staff news
    • Will display to you if you havent seen it since your last visit
  • Added /requestrestart for VGM+
    • Requires 60% yes votes of total active GMs
    • If the vote fails you must wait 1 hour to run the vote again
    • Can only vote once the uptime hits 50 hours
  • Added stim-kit cooldown debuff
  • Added /forceloadoutclear
    • For DA+ to clear the loadout of a player
  • Added color reset button to cosmetic color picker
  • Updated broadcast to accept non-event character Gamemasters
  • Updated all recoil amounts for roblox players
  • Updated sniper ready times and added a zoom mode to the DC sniper
  • Updated pistol damages
  • Updated AdvDupe 2 tool
  • Updated Dialogue UI
  • Updated and re-enabled dynamic flashlight
  • Updated /give to work to and from civilian characters
  • Updated jetpack cost, store, and consumption amount
  • Updated jetpack networking to make first person smoother
  • Updated XP to now ceil the number instead of floor it. This means you're probably getting an extra 1 XP each time you gain some XP
  • Updated loadout menu to support modules and other improvements
    • Will now show items you have equipped but not purchased from loadout
    • Pressing the item you already own will preview the item.
    • Right clicking will remove the item from your inventory.
  • Updated textscreen
    • Better preview
    • Removed bad fonts, added SW font
    • Multiline support
  • Fixed an issue with rp_ragdoll setting the player twice on stun
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate screenspace menus being created
  • Fixed 212th medic classes being split incorrectly
  • Fixed minigame end error stops random event system from working until restart
  • Fixed VIP Plus UI issues
  • Fixed Hangar preview vehicles not showing
  • Fixed rp_npc_ent not drawing nametags correctly
  • Removed module status tickers from the top of the screen. Now Navy must convey these changes
  • Removed ammo capacity talent (now useless because everyone has ammo mods)
  • Other small changes I dont remember + code cleanup
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  • Scott unlocked this topic
15 minutes ago, Scott said:
  • Added /requestrestart for VGM+
    • Requires 60% yes votes of total active GMs
    • If the vote fails you must wait 1 hour to run the vote again
    • Can only vote once the uptime hits 50 hours

Is this for S3?

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Considering you need like 55 battery packs for one of the weapon modules and 10 the lowest for one of them and it takes a pretty long time to collect battery packs, do you think you will increase the droprate of battery packs on S1 or maybe have them as a drop from killing NPC droids?

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