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6/3/2021 - CWRP Update Pt 1


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Some of these were slowly merged over the last few months but never logged. Part 2 to follow shortly.

  • Added/Updated some custom class weapon sounds/models/tags/loadouts
  • Updated map
    • Added more light to ERL
    • Added teleport in ERL to go to OOC lounge
    • Updated the opening and closing speed of the ERL to HMB tunnel doors
    • Updated some brushes to cleanup brushcount for new temple stuff at some point
    • Fixed an issue with ships being teleported into bridge elevators
    • Fixed OOC lighting
    • Removed a lot of unneeded red alarm light sources
  • Added 187 Heavy model
  • Added gambling to OOC room
    • Gamba Logic @aStonedPenguin
    • Each have set prices for now, lower and higher versions of each
    • Machines
      • Roulette machine - Big Payout
      • Slots
      • Fifty Fifty
      • Spinsheel
  • Added secret popcorn
  • Updated weapon base
    • Add back hip fire spread
    • Buffed E5
    • Buffed bowcaster
    • Buffed West AR Pistol
    • Dont do movement spread on jetpacks
    • Dont do movement spread on run n gun perk
  • Updated hardcore/hard bomb max game count (decreased by 2)
  • Updated flag API for scoreboard
  • Updated minigames
    • Added spleef
    • Fixed event starting and cleanup issues
    • Decoupled arena logic from gamemode + map
    • Added multiple map support
    • Arena room themes and extra music
    • Changed how voting works
  • Updated store page to use the new payments api
  • Updated Dome Shield
    • Reduced pen damage reduction to 25%
    • Fixed cooldown using dev values all the time
    • Increased HP to 5,000
  • Updated flashbang brightness
    • Now a grey colour to avoid those burnt eyes
  • Fixed footstep sound overrides playing on all floor types
    • Now you should hear more of the default HL sounds
  • Fixed issues with gravity smoothness fix
  • Fixed an issue with class ids being over 8 bits (broke a lot of things)
  • Fixed an issue with loadout preview
  • Fixed an issue with kicking offline class members
  • Fixed cosmetic loading issues, mainly with previews while viewing other cosmetic tabs
  • Fixed an issue where the last person in the radio couldnt hear anyone
  • Fixed freezing storage crates during lag
  • Fixed credits being unsigned int
  • Fixed jailed users can use voice
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  • aStonedPenguin changed the title to 6/3/2021 - CWRP Update Pt 1
6 hours ago, Scott said:

Fixed an issue with ships being teleported into bridge elevators

Yessss i got stuck in the elevators so many times its insane Very pog

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my gamba from drp is about to bustttt

also @Scott everytime use holotable I get this

[ERROR] gamemodes/srp_base/gamemode/modules/baseui/dropdown_ui.lua:23: attempt to index field 'data' (a number value)
  1. AddOption - gamemodes/srp_base/gamemode/modules/baseui/dropdown_ui.lua:23
   2. b - gamemodes/srp_base/entities/entities/rp_hologram/cl_init.lua:54
    3. AddPanel - gamemodes/srp_base/gamemode/modules/baseui/window_ui.lua:96
     4. c - gamemodes/srp_base/entities/entities/rp_hologram/cl_init.lua:38
      5. Create - gamemodes/srp_base/gamemode/modules/baseui/core_ui.lua:15
       6. PlayerUse - gamemodes/srp_base/entities/entities/rp_hologram/cl_init.lua:27
        7. func - gamemodes/srp_base/gamemode/modules/player/use_sh.lua:86
         8. unknown - lua/includes/extensions/net.lua:32

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