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07/14/17 - Forum Update


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  • Added a fancy new ban for post button
  • Improved ban flare
  • Fixed profile picture size on profile page
  • Removed random white outline on PMs dropdown
  • Cleaned up home page for non logged in users
  • Cleaned up posts with no replies (no more random sup logo)
  • Improved breadcrumb ( Home > News Corner > Changelogs ect ect)
  • Improved quotes again
  • Hid shitpost central from recent topics

12 hour late hotfix:

  • Fixed scrolling and various other things that broke.. probably
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Just updated to fix the ratings that were broke because of post bans and made post bans update your avatar and name to "banned" on the live view. If you're having problems with the infinite scroll then go to your settings and make sure "Paginate topics and posts instead of using infinite scroll" is checked to use pages instead.

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Forums back to their glory! btw I like the self ban, keeps me on the dge when I wanna add a sticker lol

it doesnt work, i tried (Penguin you should totally make it work)
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