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6/9/2021 - CWRP Update Pt 1.5


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Small update since we're moving to Coruscant Below.

  • Added gamba to Coruscant Below
  • Updated E5
  • Updated Casino
    • Improved networking
    • Added smoothing to spinwheel
    • Added smoothing to roulette
    • Fixed roulette menu closing on bet
  • Updated /grequestpatrol to tell you where the patrol currently is if there is already one running
  • Updated capture points on Coruscant Below
    • Radio sounds on random intervals
    • You need to wait a while before you can recapture them
    • Civilians cant capture them
  • Updated holotable UI
    • More like the /changemap UI
    • Adds searching
  • Fixed empty battlepass giving xp
  • Fixed saber animation issues
  • Fixed issues with using multiple machines
  • Fixed issues with not having the right money on roulette and spinwheel
  • Fixed gift card text scaling issues
  • Fixed shield showing on back in first person
  • Fixed stim heal cooldown missing icon
  • Fixed building ghosted prop visual issues
  • Fixed GroupLogNote not giving a name or steamid
  • Fixed (possibly) some log issues for groups
  • Fixed gm_boreas (possibly???)
  • Winner 4
  • Late 1
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