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8/12/2021 - Update


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  • You may now use "m" in number commands to denote 1 million (/dropmoney 1m, etc)
  • Fixed check boxes being backwards
  • Fixed group chat text turning green
  • Fixed parts of the chatbox not fully fading away when closed


  • Graffiti:
    • Can no longer be physgunned
    • Can no longer be tool gunned (except remover)
    • Now disallowed in spawn
    • Did some optimization for memory use
      • Potentially fixes a crash issue
  • HUD Overhaul Continued:
    • Fixed event box showing when no event is running
    • Fixed STDs drawing blur over entire screen
  • UI Overhaul Continued:
    • Overhauled third person menu (C)
    • Updated mayor vote UI
    • Updated various small things for consistency
    • Fixed set property title button being hidden
  • Added a reset name command (DA+)
  • Added a reset job command (A+)
  • Employee/Employer group chat now works properly
  • Fixed an issue where name tags and various other HUD/UI elements would flicker
  • Fixed meth heads, zombies and banned players being able to carry items
  • Winner 10
  • Dumb 1
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Very nice, very nice.

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