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08/22/2021 - CW Update


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A small update mainly focused on tweaks and QoL.

  • Added notifications to /ghost
  • Added /resetmodel <steamid>
  • Added setwep* alias to setnpcweapon* commands
  • Added patrol alias to grequestpatrol
  • Added a base Heal Over Time to Medic classes
  • Added security passive: Recovery Chance
    • A % chance to recover your security device if you fail to secure the device
  • Updated Akimbo weapons to ignore movement spread
  • Updated Medic class to 16 slots. Both high and low medics now share the slot limit.
  • Updated ARF classes to share slot limits (Total 15)
  • Updated heavy slot count to 8 from 5
  • Updated Triggers
    • Added "Notify Me" type to the triggers. Will send a notication to you only when someone enters the trigger
      • Note: Notify Me and Console Command will replace {target_steamid}, {target_name}, {target_location} with the trigger targets information. This means you can run commands on them like /resetmodel by doing "ba resetmodel {target_steamid}" in the trigger box.
    • Increased runspeed
  • Updated F4 + GM menu with new tab buttons and icons
  • Updated Store menu
  • Updated NPC weapons so they no longer have to reload when they spawn
  • Updated Containers
    • Added weapon containers
      • Lets you set burst, cooldown and spread per weapon instead of typing all these commands out.
    • Updated NPC containers to now use their override class instead of the combine/citizen classes first
    • Fixed several issues with setting of stats
    • Fixed UI issues failing to unload old settings when changing container type
  • Updated staffnews
    • This is now Staff & Gamemaster news
    • HGM can now add items to this menu
  • Updated Store prices
    • Reduced the 150k price
    • Increased knife prices to account for no longer needing the base knife
    • Other price adjustments
    • Iconic pack can now be seperated so you can hand select the cheaper ones
    • Fixed some issues with clientside prices not being in sync with the decreased prices from owning other packs already
  • Updated Bowcaster damage
  • Updated Roulette
    • Slightly increased UI size to see the numbers easier
  • Fixed GMS reloading everytime it is opened
  • Fixed RecoilAngle checks on some weapons
  • Fixed mediapanel erroring if the radio was removed while you still had the menu open
  • Fixed possible deathscreen instant respawn issues
  • Fixed player list issue in patrols
  • Fixed trying to run missing animations on character menu
  • Fixed door checks on Holster weapon
  • Fixed issues that occur when joining a patrol
  • Fixed vehicle skins not showing the preview upon selection
  • Fixed spawners ignoring weapon stats
  • Fixed Trapper and Tracker naming
  • Fixed scoreboard issues
    • Fixed Player Avatars
    • Fixed Filter Me not working
  • Winner 15
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