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9/16/2021 - DarkRP Update


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  • HUD:
    • Added a button to unsubscribe from security cameras
    • Hits, security cameras and arrest/search warrants no longer expand anytime your mouse is visible
      • Expands only when you press F3
    • Potentially fixed hits and arrest/search warrants not always showing players
      • Please be specific in your bug reports if this persists
  • Achievements:
    • Disabled Explorer
    • Fixed Gambling Addict description
  • Weapon Skins:
    • Added physgun/gravgun to weapon previews
    • Fixed weapon preview not automatically selecting your active weapon
  • Added a search bar to the scoreboard
    • Change filters and press tab to close the scoreboard after using it
  • You may now import YouTube playlists into media players (thx @Scott)
  • Printer racks may now be physgunned and frozen when empty
  • Confiscating items with C4 on them no longer sends a C4 into the PD
  • Fixed moderators and admins who are not in admin mode being able to physgun numerous entities
  • Fixed reset job command for real this time
  • Fixed portal, loading screen and Discord bot not showing money for people not in orgs


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