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02/13/2022 - CW Update


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Quadblaster is fixed on restart.

  • Added various models
  • Added new Jail system
    • Ticket based
    • Can add officers involved
    • Can set if they were cooperative
    • Tickets act as warnings that can have arrests assigned to them
    • /tickets
    • /ticket <steamid>
  • Added Quadblaster
    • To ARC
  • Added more scrapable items
  • Added more login rewards
  • Added passive jump power talents
  • Added frameworks for future global quests and invasions
  • Added framework to support lore classes seperate from main classes
  • Added steam profanity filter to character names
  • Added Valentines content
    • Complete the quests in the Main lobby
    • Get access to the store upon completion
    • Not much to it but required a lot of backend re-coding to support more fun future content
  • Added valentines firework in the store
  • Updated default currency icon in inventory to avoid confusion
  • Updated weapons
    • Increased GL damage to 550 from 400
    • Increased GL radius to 175 from 150
    • Reduced DC15s recoil slightly
    • Increasd DC15s damage slightly
  • Updated character change restrictions
    • Reduced 5min cooldown to 2mins
    • Must be out of combat for 2 minutes
    • Removed health check
  • Updated dialogue system
  • Updated medical commrose
  • Updated Triumph UIs
    • Updated progress UI
    • Updated completion UI
    • Updated seasonal spotlight UI
    • Updated and optimised API syncing
    • Added the ability to instant save critical triumphs instead of queuing then
  • Updated how npc loot tables work
    • Also crystals drop for everyone now
    • Valentimes items added to loot table for the event
  • Updated mail system
    • Can now search for people by steamid or name
    • UI cleanup
  • Updated Gamemaster list UI
    • Also fixed display bugs associated with it
  • Updated puddles
    • No longer overlap eachother
    • Optimised detection
  • Updated scrapping items
    • Crystals scrap to 50 sand from 20
    • Module scrap increased
  • Updated crystals needed to craft hilts
  • Updated loader
  • Updated LOA cleanup from 90 to 60 days (remember, you can assign LOA tags to avoid this)
  • Fixed scrappers not spawning on the liberator
  • Fixed issues with the training module
  • Fixed issues with passive menu
  • Fixed Store NPCs playing random animations + optimisations
  • Fixed dev debug commands being loaded on live
  • Fixed loginrewards giving duplicate options
  • Fixed missing class models for 327th
  • Other things I forgot to mention
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