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3/12/2022 - DarkRP Update


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  • Hitman:
    • Removed max hit price
    • Server generated hits:
      • Now are priced 2.5k-10 instead of 2.5k-5k
      • May now increase the price of an existing hit
      • No longer places hits on dead people
  • HUD:
    • Death Screen:
      • Added killer job color, org and employer
    • Added Weapon Tooltips:
      • Shows what keys do what
      • (Not all weapons added yet)
    • Wanted and jailed HUD now replaces laws
    • Misc performance improvements
    • Fixed phantom blur above boxes
  • Medication:
    • May now be sold to Jerome
    • Has been wiped from pockets due to re-code
  • Protestor:
    • New model
    • Fixed sign not working
  • Arrest Baton:
    • Reload now allows you to set a custom want reason
    • Fixed being unable to arrest singular weapon entities
    • Fixed not getting money for arresting BMIs when evidence room is full
  • Prop Ghosting:
    • Fixed two people grabbing a prop causing it to stay ghosted
    • Fixed children/welded entities not being ghosted
  • Strangling:
    • Fixed strangling not stopping when strangler or strangled dies or gets moved out of range
    • Fixed struggling out of a strange not equipping the weapon you had out before
  • Added a door locked indicator
  • C4 now knocks down doors (I expect the most cinematic raid videos by tomorrow ty)
  • Knocked down doors from thugs or C4 are now no-collided
  • Jobs that cannot own doors can no longer access org owned doors
  • Raised max microwave price to 400 from 150
  • Pocket now shows capacity when the menu is closed
  • Fixed undisguising as a police sometimes setting you to the wrong model
  • Fixed lockpick not canceling picking when you put it away


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