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03/17/2022 - CWRP Update


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Content packs were updated so you may have to restart Garry's Mod completly if you were already connected to the server.


While it is still in WIP the RTS mode can be tested on CW2 and CW3 with /rts. Keep in mind you cannot currently spawn any units. The domination system was also updated so you can now create a team of several groups instead of a single group. Check /commands for more information.

  • Added bowie knife for ECs with premium damage.
  • Added bossbars.
  • Added GM tellall for HGM.
  • Added an Ammo Box that ECs can use.
  • Updated defcon so it now flashes your desktop icon when it goes above a certain threshold.
  • Updated GM staff list to support player searching along with other display changes for consistancy sake.
  • Updated domination teams
  • Fixed global voice


  • Added support for base stats from allegiances.
  • Wookiees + droids have had their base HP and AP increase.


Probably the most notable change to gameplay this update. You may now mix n match any utility item across all 3 slots. Infusers were also changed to be put in their own infuser slot; it frees up that extra slot for stat changing modules.

  • Added a cosmetic/infuser only module slot.
  • Added more weapon stats.
  • Updated how utility and grenade slots work.
  • Updated to support clearer weapon stats.
  • Updated module slots to display names in selection.
  • Updated weapon positions.


Two new addtions were added to the armoury. One does extra damage to shields.

  • Added the bowcaster to the armoury with module slots.
  • Added the DL-57.
  • Added the trandotian "uzi".
  • Added master electro saber.
  • Updated PLX-1 lock on range (more than tripled)
  • Updated snipers weapon damage.
  • Updated DC-15SA to use unlimited ammo.
  • Updated the Quadblaster damage.
  • Updated Z6 prices.
  • Updated tracer speeds.
  • Updated how weapon firing is done (hopefully feels more responsive at low tick/high ping).

Utility Item Changes

  • Added two new structures to the building kit.
  • Updated Building toolkit to add salvaging and repairing correctly.
  • Fixed Grapple hook UI issues.

Group System

  • Added clear button to webhook menu
  • Added a list of claimed rooms for tryouts in the group explorer window
  • Updated how groups and group info is loaded to improve loading times.
  • Updated blacklist menu to support player searching.
  • Updated several Group UIs.
  • Fixed group promote/demote not sending offline webhooks.


  • Jedi
    • Electrostaff added to Battlemasters.
    • Master Electrostaff added to Council and Master Guardians.
  • CG
    • Added back some missing citation reasons.
    • Updated DB violation severity.
  • ARC
    • Updated Cloaking to enable sprinting with a small run speed debuff.
    • Updated the Drone system to no longer make NPCs target it.
    • Updated heavy runspeed (reduced slightly).
    • Removed GL from ARC.
  • 212th
    • Second grenade slot
  • 41st
    • Removed quadblaster from a specific class
  • RC
    • Updated RC GL to have 2 rounds.


  • Added craftable helmet that will give you some head protection.
  • Updated crafting material quantities for infusers.


  • Added status module to ER.
  • Updated how water decides to slow you down. Should fix several prediction issues with moving.
  • Fixed arena events not runnning.

General UI/Visual

  • Added ForkAwesome - Replacing FontAwesome icon fonts across all UI.
  • Added cooldown timer to death screen spawn points.
  • Added a top-compass panel for RTS module
  • Updated jetpack visuals.
  • Updated how interaction tags are displayed on most entities
  • Fixed limit on hackable bomb minigames
  • Fixed a lot of dev items being visible in the Q menu


  • Updated AdvDupe2.
  • Updated bAdmin.

Custom Classes

  • Added JaX class
  • Added Shadows class
  • Added Bears class
  • Added Wills class


  • Removed legacy citations code
  • Updated logs - All GM marked commands are now auto-logged
  • Updated how player loading is done
  • Updated how weapon loadouts are loaded and unloaded.

The next update will focus on finishing the RTS modules, battalion models and working on community triumphs/invasions.

Be sure to check out the Trello below and suggest things on the forums. 🙂

My Trello Card


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On 3/16/2022 at 2:29 PM, Scott said:
  • Updated Cloaking to enable sprinting with a small run speed debuff.
  • Updated the Drone system to no longer make NPCs target it.


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