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03/18/2022 - CWRP Update


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Some small hotfixes and stuff. Available on restart.

  • Updated Domination command info
  • Updated Droid repairs to be %age based (25%) instead of a flat 50HP
  • Updated Building Tool
    • Updated visual build progress of structures to be more accurate
    • Fixed commrose issues from interacting with structures that were removed
    • Fixed health UI being offset incorrectly on the new structures
  • Updated/Fixed Bossbars
    • Fixed bars not being removed upon player death
    • Fixed issues with NPC maxhealth display
  • Updated LR Broadcast to be disabled by default
  • Fixed issues with icons in GMList
  • Fixed an error when kicking players from groups
  • Fixed several issues with player control on RTS drones
  • Fixed main talent level resetting on client upon passive tree syncing
  • Fixed AdvDupe2 blacklisting
  • Fixed some weapons showing in the trading terminal
  • Fixed armoury not checking preset whitelist correctly
  • Fixed errors involving attachments on player load
  • Fixed reconnecting jailed users being the black placeholder model on join
  • Fixed cloaking with storage crates
  • Fixed colour alpha issues in UI
  • Fixed Shax having wrong saber access
  • Winner 2
  • Friendly 2
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