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04/06/2022 - CWRP Update


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A small update. All the content packs were updated so if you have issues please fully restart your game.

The RTS menu was updated to support NPC spawning and will be available to test on Deployment Day and Server 2. There are a lot of features still planned for this in the coming updates and any feedback about making the use easier/faster is welcome.

The armoury now has a single slot at the top for your battalions main item. This means it no longer takes up a utility slot allowing you to select an aditional item. This is especially useful for spec classes or battalions with multiple items (like CG).

  • Added CG & Arc Medic models
  • Added some new props for GMs
  • Added ad stuff to the HUD
  • Added buyable events
    • Works like DarkRP
    • You can buy stackable temporary events for the whole server
  • Added armoury specialty loadout slot
  • Added RM talents to RM class
  • Updated Etain model
  • Updated the area trigger system
    • Can now be used as a "button" that activates the trigger-actions instead.
    • Added a way to activate binds set on other items such as the fading door tool.
    • Added resetmodel
    • Added teleport
    • Added a helper entity under Entities -> SUP that can be used for the teleport target + some other things in the future
    • Updated visuals to now show no matter what utility item you have out
  • Updated Rishimoon
    • Added patrols
    • Added trading
    • Added training module
    • Added scrapper
  • Updated the training module to work on Rishimoon + adjusted camera positions
  • Updated Triumph menu base
  • Updated store menu
  • Updated some Q menu spawnlists
  • Updated Razor, Stack & Hound loadouts
  • Updated the patrol system
    • Can now support different patrol point types
    • Added new patrol point (Lever sync)
    • Added patrol kicking
    • Updated default point to require you to stay inside it to capture it
    • Updated the UI
  • Updated RTS system
    • Added a dark/light mode
    • Added NPC spawning
    • Added configuration system
    • Updated theming and flow of certain menus
    • Fixed several issues with selecting/deslecting actions
  • Updated Hacking XP to 75 from 50
  • Updated puddle cooldowns and spawn chances
  • Updated package system to track you + leaderboards
  • Updated how much healing the stimkit does to yourself
  • Updated DC17d firing volume
  • Fixed perma weapons being handed out in events
  • Fixed Droideka command not showing in /commands menu
  • Fixed the very long standing issue where the stimkit was in your asshole
  • Fixed kicking characters via the group menu
  • Fixed grid padding issues
  • Fixed issues with Rishimoon skybox and fog checks
  • Fixed objective icons
  • Fixed several checks with the bossbar
  • Fixed GL ammo in ammobox
  • Fixed notarget logic running on cloaked ECs
  • Fixed several button permission issues (?)
  • Fixed jetpack showing on cloak
  • Fixed hyperspace button/visual not updating
  • Fixed turrets sometimes exiting you into the bridge floor
  • Fixed possible crash issues with shooting LFS vehicles
  • Removed old turrent code
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7 hours ago, Jitters said:

How does the Patrol kick work, is it a vote thing?

An officer in the patrol has to click the "Patrol" text at the top. It doesn't really serve any purpose now that the points can be taken by 2 people

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