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05/11/2022 - CWRP Update


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  • Added new arena games
    • A game where you have to guess the safe button(s).
    • A game where you have to guess the safe platform(s).
  • Added construction to Coruscant Below
    • Can build in some of the apartments. Namely the apartments in the tower & Plaza.
    • Can buy consruction items from the NPC near the property manager.
      • Couch can be used as a spawn point
      • Lamp can turn on/off
      • Coffee machine gives you coffee
      • Clock ticks and makes a sound every RP hour
      • Wardrobe just opens the cosmetics menu
    • When placing an item inside your property its location will be saved and the item will be taken from your inventory
    • When using the deconstruction tool on an item it will remove it, unsave and give you the inventory item back
  • Added bus system
    • The bus stations are located around some parts of the road, Docks and Plaza.
    • It costs 100rc to board
  • Added/updated several custom class models
  • Added more locations to Cors Below
  • Added module slot removal
  • Added clear all loadout to loadouts menu
  • Added weapon audio settings
  • Added permaprop logging to database
  • Added GMGIVE <player> <weaponid> for gamemaster. Weaponid can be found in the Q menu by right click and pressing Copy
  • Added some basic quick command things to right click on Q menu weapons and models
  • Added Holster interaction UI tabs
  • Added player blocking support
  • Updated patrol event to reduce patrol cooldowns
  • Updated feedback UI
  • Updated nameplates direction when using Thirdperson
  • Updated nameplates to show when you and the other person are ghosted
  • Updated max inventory count
  • Updated Jetpack steady mode
  • Updated Cors Below capture points
    • Icons fixed
    • Patrol point UI blinks when being captured
    • Patrol points now require some time to capture them
  • Updated Coruscant map entities
    • Added scrapper
    • Added trading
    • Added patrols
    • Added packages
  • Updated RTS
    • Abilities shown now depend on the selected NPC classes
    • When making an enemy move they will now forget their current target
    • Holding shift wile giving a move action will make the NPC walk instead
  • Fixed AdvDupe scaling
  • Fixed notarget issues
  • Fixed Jail/Wanted UI not showing on HUD
  • Fixed issues with cloak and Jetpack UI not showing sometimes or when enabling HUD
  • FIxed issues with door loading and unloading
  • Fixed issues with the crafting menu
  • Fixed some cases where Loadouts and Talents do not properly unload
  • Fixed variable sized class limits in RANK.IsFull
  • Fixed Login error if missing reward percentage
  • Fixed giving some passive buffs in Arena
  • Fixed stimkit conflict issues with last updates fixes
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