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06/10/2022 - CWRP Update


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Some of these listed were quietly pushed over the last 2 weaks. Mainly concerning weapon changes but are marked here for clarity.

  • Added Triumphs to website character profiles
  • Added Bailing
    • Takes 10% of the bail money as tax. Splits the rest among active CG.
    • Can bail from the Brig lobby.
  • Added heartbeat sound when you are low health
  • Added save and restore buttons to Claimable Room UI
  • Added new settings panel and descriptions
  • Added search to group group blacklist menu
  • Added muting to Radio UI
  • Added several Radio settings
  • Added crosshair to medical gloves
  • Added Title support to achievements
    • Changed through the F4 settings menu
  • Added settings
    • Display own nameplate
    • ADS while in Thirdperson
    • Static crosshair
    • Hide own inventory in store menus (useful for small resolution users)
  • Added /eventstart system
    • This is in beta phase. Please use this as a GM to test things out so it can be cleaned up before its forced on everyone.
    • Logs an event with some settings. Once the event is over you can run /eventend to edit the event settings once more and officially mark it as ended.
    • HGM can add types and subtypes as they wish which define if your event needs permissions, points, battalion info and if they can be rated by the community.
    • If the rate flag is present then the community can vote on your event out of 10 stars.
  • Updated Triggers
    • Added load from spawned trigger selector
    • Added Save All quick button
    • Added dupe support
  • Updated F4 menu back to dark mode
  • Updated Radio UI
  • Updated group blacklist & radio icons
  • Updated Jetpack
  • Updated triumph spotlight styling
  • Updated Redlight
    • Fixed safe zone scale
    • Fixed crouch moving avoiding being shot
  • Updated stungun sounds and blaster colour
  • Updated weapon base to support falloff damages along with plenty of FOV adjustments
  • Updated shotgun damage and fixed shotgun bullet spread
  • Updated Z6 firing sound
  • Updated Triumphs name to Achievements
  • Updated Agendas to support Markdown
  • Fixed (hacky workaround) turret seats despawning
  • Fixed ammo UI sometimes staying red after reloading
  • Fixed oxygen breathing sounds not stopping correctly
  • Fixed repair tool repair distance
  • Fixed Lava not killing players under certain conditions
  • Fixed shotgun pellets not firing correctly
  • Fixed busses running when no busstation is available
  • Fixed group menu officer section display when only one officer is available
  • Fixed several issues with the revive system
  • Fixed daily login giving special crystals(?)
  • Fixed ammo count UI staying red under certain conditions
  • Removed aggressive AFK kicker
  • Optimisations
    • How jedi hilts are displayed
    • How weapons and gibs are cleaned up
    • Crate spawning
    • How customboneanims are checked
    • Feedback/confirm UI networking
    • Busses
    • Crosschat
    • Loadout syncing/loading
    • Several networking methods
    • Nothink to all permaprops
    • Witcher gate timers
  • Winner 22
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