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06/20/2022 - CWRP Update


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Summer officially starts in 1 hour! (UTC) Why not play the server and enjoy some new things!

  • Added cosmetics for summer
    • Summer hat
    • Summer icecream hat
    • Camping backpack
    • Alternative compaing backpack
    • Summer glasses
    • Summer glass stack
    • Pheonix bird pet
  • Added Summer bundle to the store
    • 5x random store event tokens (remeeded in your inventory when needed)
    • 5x random arena event tokens (remeeded in your inventory when needed)
    • 2x XP boosters
    • 1x Character slots
    • Pheonix Pet
  • Added minigame tokens
  • Added store tokens
  • Added hour title resetting (just submit an empty title)
  • Updated holdtype of the revive swep
  • Updated NPC containers to only apply to owned NPCs
  • Updated CG ticket menu defaults
  • Updated GM Agenda to use Markdown system
  • Updated Jedi deflection
  • Updated LFS
    • AI ignore notargetted players
    • AI use allegiance system for teams
    • Added /setlfsteam <class> <allegiance> to set their teams
  • Updated health regen perks to be percent based 4%/6%
  • Updated objectives and radio UI to move down/up when both are in use
  • Fixed menu cosmetics being rendered in MHB
  • Fixed crafting grid layout
  • Fixed login rewards grid layout
  • Fixed warden arrest permissions
  • Fixed prop effect spawning/physgunning for GMs
  • Fixed tooltip text colours
  • Fixed static crosshair not fading when needed
  • Fixed hovering sounds in scoreboard
  • Fixed issues with blacklist checking for group invites
  • Fixed noclipped/invis players showing in the holograms
  • Fixed youngling F being to set youngling M on character creation
  • Fixed GroupIniviteBlacklisted notifications showing nil
  • Fixed several trigger issues
  • Winner 7
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