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7/31/2022 - Update


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  • New Emotes:
    • :clueless:
      • clueless.png
    • :troll_face:
      • trollface.png
  • Spectate command no longer logs for SA+
  • Fixed re-spawning while spectating causing you to spectate a random person
  • Fixed chatbox re-sizing (Drag upper right corner)



  • HUD:
    • Added delivery destination when you are carrying a delivery
    • Made events box less invasive when mutliple events are running
  • Radio (/channel, /radio)
    • Removed 0-1000 channel limit
    • Fixed channel not allowing decimal places
  • Added apparel adjustments
  • Moved NPCs from next to PD on Danktown across the street to the fountain
  • Getting teleported now detaches C4 & incendiary (Fixes accidental MRDM after Kombat mainly)
  • Fixed arresting a government employees BMIs wanting them if a demotion vote is already pending
  • Fixed thug knocking doors not working
  • Fixed gambling commands bypassing chat mutes
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51 minutes ago, Cyka Blyat but name stolen said:

the hell are the new npcs?

Father and the Delivery NPC are directly across the street from where they used to be, and the Attorney's phone is perpendicular to the NPCs on the side of the park closest to the Gun shop.

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