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07/31/2022 - CWRP Update


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  • Added training button to context menu
  • Added 212th Talents
    • Firerate increase (10%)
    • Quick switch weapons (0.1 second ready time)
    • Grenade cooldown (-15%)
  • Added RC Talents
    • Squad Formation
      • When you are close to 2RC you gain 10% attack and movespeed buffs
  • Added Grenades to Area Trigger "Give Weapon" definition
  • Added capturezones to dupe whitelist
  • Added markers to compass
  • Added hourly titles to achievement titles
  • Added prop limits and warnings to Server 1
    • Only 5000 unique models can be spawned
    • Server can have a vote restart if this limit is reached
    • Anything over this will have their model replaced with a basic cube
  • Updated crafting benches to fail like pipe modules and must be repaired with 1 metal
  • Updated loadout saving (eg from revive) to strip all old weapons first
  • Updated locations on main server
  • Updated setgamemaster to have an optional expire time
  • Updated scrapper sounds to be a lot more quiet
  • Updated AdvDupe
    • Trial GM and GML cannot spawn dupes bigger than 400 props on CW1
    • The ratio of constraints to entities must be no more than 3:5
  • Updated compass UI to accomidate new marker support
  • Updated Building HP to draw on both sides
  • Updated claw attack & added claw attack+
    • Claw attack is now the basic knife damage
    • Claw attack+ is the old damage
  • Updated Knights to have more force power than padawans
  • Updated default media volume to 25% from 80%
  • Fixed vehicle skins not working on new cosmetic loading system
  • Fixed package walk speed passive
  • FIxed arena trying to run when the map doesnt support it
  • Fixed issues with talent auras not despawning on talent change/class change
  • Fixed permaprop effect removing
  • Fixed being able to bail with blank descriptions
  • Fixed several Triumph saving issues
  • Winner 10
  • Zing 2
  • Friendly 1
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