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9/17/2022 - DarkRP Update


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  • Player model previews:
    • Added zoom adjustment slider
    • Fixed cutting off on smaller screens
    • Fixed hats getting cut off in some menus
  • Added permanent riot shield
    • Cost 2.5k Credits
  • Added apparel adjustments
  • Added a new menu for managing saved graffiti
  • Macros now bypass blocked player name overrides
    • Note: Use at your own risk, interacting with a player you've blocked does not help your case should you feel the need to report them
  • Fixed being unable to close scoreboard while search filter is active
    • This wasn't actually a bug, it just seemed like a bug
  • Fixed being able to switch jobs while being strangled
  • Fixed being unable to unequip some apparel
  • Agree 1
  • Winner 8
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Thanks dada 

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