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09/19/2022 - CWRP Update


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  • Added DU Classes
    • Dyre
    • Chatterbox
    • Sharp
    • Close-Shave
    • Lock
    • Trueblood
    • Breaker
    • No-Nines
    • Verd
    • Knuckles
    • Nuru Kungurama (with single saber)
  • Added 212th Classes
    • Peel
    • Cale
    • Reed
    • Chopper
    • Punch
    • jester
    • Sketch
    • Switch
    • Gus
    • Airo
  • Added ARC Jedi Bardan Jusik
  • Added 187th Classes
    • Added Keeradak Wing sub-battalion
    • Flak
    • Swift
    • Hawkeye
    • Kosmos
    • Heavy moved to KW
    • Lore jedi moved to KW
  • Updated CG arf and class models
  • Updated 501stmodels
    • ARF
    • Medic
    • Heavy
    • Rex
    • Dogma
    • High Officer
    • 332nd Base model
  • Updated 41st models and classes
    • Grey
    • Styles
    • Remo
    • Big-Mouth
    • Soot
    • Kaylon
    • Mixx
    • Stance
    • All other models updated
  • Added stackable ammo pack to the store
    • Every time it stacks you get an extra 500 ammo thats set when you spawn
  • Added Droid Gunship
  • Added Buzz Droid
  • Added Props
    • Several props suggested via discord including coruscant and venator props
  • Added Animal NPCs
  • Added targetted event rewards for gamemasters
    • Currently gain RC and arena/store tickets when an S1 main is GMd
    • Also includes slightly reduced rewards for the AGMs who help
  • Added "Credits Received" UI that will notify you when your credits have been added/payment was processed
  • Updated Thirdperson to no longer changer height when crouching
  • Updated Talent trees to support different XP scaling
  • Updated how entity collisions are detected
  • Updated event ratings to now only show -1, 0, +1 instead of the 10 star rating. Reduced the feedback to 512 characters.
  • Updated child group blacklists to use parent blacklists instead
  • Updated event ratings to show the rating to the server + comment
  • Updated 501st and 332nd battalion class splits
  • Updated RP fully to 32nd
  • Fixed issues with /eventstart and /eventend
    • Battalion and tag ids save as the correct id type
    • Battalions now populate corectly on event end
  • Fixed strength passive applying damage to all weapons instead of fists
  • Fixed UI issues with domination team tickets/capture points
  • Fixed issues with the claw weapons
  • Fixed character reset issues when leaving a battalion
  • Fixed /upgrades command not working
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  • Scott changed the title to 09/19/2022 - CWRP Update

absolute based red pilled ingame update I am absolutely lost without words, I will be playing this update for the rest of my life. My wife left me and took the kids. I am so happy because now I can grind out this server. 

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